Weekly Drill

This past weeks drill was ventilation.  Members refreshed on skills of the proper and safe way of operating gas powered saws.  Members then applied those skills on 2 roof props.  One prop simulated operating on a flat roof, while the other prop simulated working on a pitched roof.  All members we able to get some “roof time” at drill and to practice these important skills.



Spring Storm

With the coming snow storm, please use caution if you have to go out during the snow. If you don’t have to go out, please stay home and allow the DPW to clear the roads.

Remember to TURN ON your headlights if you are out during the storm. This is not only a law but it also make it easier to identify that there is a vehicle nearby.

Stay safe, stay warm and remember to dial 911 in case of any emergencies!

Winter Storm Elsa

As of 2330 hours on March 7th, 2018, The TVFC has answered all pending calls for service in our district. Both of our stations remain staffed with personnel ready to answer any further emergency calls.

Downed wires and other hazardous areas are being secured and taped off using yellow or red tape. Please do not make any attempt to access these areas.

As a reminder, crews are still working to clear the roadways. Please use caution as you may encounter low hanging or down power lines along with low hanging or down trees and tree limbs.

For the duration of the storm, TVFC responded to 21 emergency incidents.

Proudly serving since 1925!

Busy Drill Night

On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, members took time at drill to conduct their annual CPR refresher skills.  Members practiced performing CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and proper usage of an AED.  Members also received their annual Bloodborne pathogens training.

Once completed, members then conducted their quarterly SCBA skill sign offs and finished with weekly truck checks.

Firefighter practicing rescue breathing on infant mannequin

Firefighters practice chest compressions

Firefighter practicing live saving measures on infant mannequin

Bloodborne pathogens lecture



Smoke in the Residence – 2/22/18

February 22, 2018:

At 2038 hours, Long Hill and Trumbull Center responded to Floral Lane for smoke in the residence. TC-1 was first on scene and began to investigate. Upon investigation, Car 1 reported a possible furnace malfunction. Tower 104 arrived and assisted Car 1 with the investigation and metered the residence for toxic gases. Units found approximately 30 PPM of Carbon Monoxide. Crews ventilated the structure and the furnace was shut off. After the residence was free of all hazards, units picked up and returned to service.

Other units on scene:

Long Hill Car-2, Engine-206, and Trumbull PD


Live Fire Training

On Tuesday, February 21, 2018 Trumbull Center joined the Long Hill Fire Department (LHFD) and ventured to Fairfield Fire School for live fire training. LHFD Assistant Chief, San Fan Andre lead crews through multiple stages including fire suppression, a search team, and RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) on a 3 story structure.


Special thanks to LHFD for allowing us to join them in this training and to Fairfield Fire School for allowing us to use the facilities!

Company Celebrates 93 Years

On February 17, 2018 Members traveled to the Courtyard Marriott to celebrate 93 years of service to the Town of Trumbull.  Several awards were given out, a delicious meal was had, and many stories were told.


Special thanks to Long Hill Fire Department and the Nichols Fire Department for providing coverage to the Trumbull Center district for the evening.


Press Release – Plumb Creek Road Incident

Carbon monoxide levels have returned to normal in Trumbull after elevated levels were found in the air in part of town Friday night, fire officials say.

Authorities believe construction may have caused a pocket of carbon monoxide to be released from bedrock.

Firefighters went door to door in the area of Plumb Creek Road, checking carbon monoxide levels. They say there were no high level readings in any homes.

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