Live-In Program

“Get the Opportunity of a Life Time!”

The Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company #1 is proud to offer a live-in program designed for college students as an option for housing during the course of their college career.

Selected students have the opportunity to live at our firehouse and commute to school.  All amenities provided with a comfortable living atmosphere, fully functional kitchen, washer/dryer, exercise facilities, and full bathroom.  This program is one of the only live-in program offered in Connecticut.

Our live-in program is overseen by a Live-In Coordinator.  This Coordinator is a senior member of the department who, in addition to overseeing the program, acts as a liaison for parents, schools, our Company Board of Directors, and the operational officer staff.

While students receive an education, they will gain experience here, which will provide them with training and preparation to pursue a career after college.

Preferred candidates should currently be enrolled in a college or recently accepted to a University within an appropriate proximity to the fire house.  A  background in firefighting and Firefighter I certification is preferred, however not required to apply.

Currently, our live-ins program consists of five (5) students who all attend the University of New Haven, pursuing Degrees in Fire Science, Para-medicine, Public Safety, and Homeland Security.

Those interested in our Live-In program should contact us for more information and details.

Meet the Live-Ins!

Name: Sam Atkins

Year: Graduated May 2019

School: University of New Haven

Major:  Paramedicine

Hometown:  Washington, NH

About Me“I come from a small town in New Hampshire, so being a part of this program helped me immensely.  One of the benefits of this program was being able to run a lot more calls than I would have back home and get that fire experience.  The membership of Trumbull Center pulls from a great depth of knowledge and experience, with several members that are Career firemen.  I can honestly say that without this program I would not have been able to go to college. The cost to go to school would have been beyond what I would have been able to afford. That to me was the greatest aspect of the program and the thing I am most grateful for.  I could not think of or recommend a better Live In program than Trumbull.”

Live-In since August of 2015

Name: Dan Tuohy

Year: Senior

School: University of New Haven

Major: B.S. Fire Science – Arson Investigation (Minor in Criminal Justice)

Hometown: Stillwater, New Jersey

About Me: “I am a 20 year old firefighter from New Jersey.  I have been a firefighter there for about 5 years now, in the small town of Stillwater.  I chose to be a live-in with the hopes to be a career firefighter and this program has given me the experience to prepare for my future career.  There are many members and officers here who are willing to help and are very welcoming.  In the short 3 years I have been here, I have learned so much.”

Live-In since August of 2016

Name: Thomas Welch

Year: Senior

School: University of New Haven

Major: B.S. Fire Science – Administration

Hometown: Freedom, New Hampshire

About Me: “I spent the first two years of my college career living on campus. I don’t regret living on campus, it was an awesome experience, but part of me wishes that I became a live-in sooner.   When it comes to school work and managing time, living at the fire house has only improved those skills, allowing me to get my work done on time and strive for good grades.  Living at the fire stations is a whole new ball game.  Trumbull Center is a busy department with a lot of experience to offer.  Becoming a live-in has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made.”

Live-In since August of 2018

Name: Sam Manuel

Year: Freshman

School: University of New Haven

Major:  Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Hometown: Warrenton, VA

About Me: “I’ve been a firefighter with New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue Co. 1110 in my hometown for close to four years now and can’t wait to see what I learn from my experiences here. I am grateful for this terrific opportunity offered by TVFC”.

Live-In since August of 2019

Name: Mckenzee (Moe) Juratovic

Year: Freshman

School: University of New Haven

Major: Fire science : Arson investigation/ Fire Administration

Hometown: Erie, PA

About Me: “I am a 18 year old firefighter that has been the fire service for almost five years now. I started my career at Brookside Fire Co in Erie Pa. In the short time that I have been apart of Trumbull so many opportunities have opened for me and I wouldn’t be able to pursue my career in the fire service without them and having them help me guide me along the way.”

Live-In since August of 2019